The Love Witch; A Movie Review

Hi Readers, this was supposed to be published last month. Sorry for the delay and apparent disappearance. 

LoveWitch3Valentines for me is always a busy time. With my birthday being the day before and the Renaissance Fair hitting Arizona I am usually running around trying to have the most fun I can. So when February 14th came and my plans fell through I decided to sit down and watch a movie that has been taking the Pagan community by storm.  The Love Witch (2016) directed by Anna Biller. The Love Witch follows the main character Elaine as she deals with an obvious obsession with being infatuated. Elaine at the time of the opening is reminiscing about the end of her marriage and has already been initiated into a magickal practice by a coven. Elaine talks about love in an almost disgustingly princess prince charming way that made me personally fear of having ever sounded like her. Her naivety is only overshadowed by her misuse of magick to get whatever and whomever she wants. Spoilers, she tends to not like what she gets and throws it way. Including the lives of the men she bewitches.

71-ogThis movie was especially interesting to me being both a witch and a criminologist, and I was constantly trying to dissect Elaine’s pathology. Her covens’ way of dealing with her apparent illness and addressing feminine power is interesting, to say the least, and manipulative at the worst. The costuming and set design were captivating, along with the art used to foreshadow events. The movie was worth watching for the visuals alone, however, I still don’t know if the acting was intentionally blocking and unnatural or just bad. All in all, I would strongly recommend a watch at least for another reminder to be careful with love magick. The many of which I have been acutely aware of in pop-culture due to my own poor use of magick recently.

Blessed Be,

Autumn Wolfe

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