Reading as a Magickal Practice

I have been described as a book witch, and have been an avid reader since I could read. Usually, I am seen with a book whether I am camping, going on vacation, or sitting in the break room for lunch. For the past few years, however, my reading has been solely Pagan and Wiccan literature with little deviation into Syfy, mystery, romance, or horror. It’s easy to see why I host a book club that focuses on Pagan reading and enjoy having something new to share with my members. There is so much to read in the p-word world I know I will never read everything I want but I keep finding new books.
Which made me realize the majority of my practice revolves around reading. Books, blogs, talking about books, writing this blog; Pagan reading is my Pagan practice. Where I have said I do intend on doing more magick this year and I do go to a few local circles for Sabbat ritual I tend to read more than any other work (podcast listening is just reading with your ears right?). I have a bookcase in my room filled to overflowing with just Pagan books, and there is a local used bookstore that I go to to find treasures. A recent visit had me walk out with books by Z Budapest and Pensky. Books I do not intend on reading in months but could not leave them in the store. They belonged in that overflowing shelf in my room with others just like it.
I do tend to read more than the average witch and feel it is essential to do so when you are a Solitary.
I have currently taken a short break from Pagan literature to read American Gods by Neil Gaiman, but once complete will dive back into a new list of books I want to read in a certain order. The lists I write are intended to give me a group of books at a similar level of education and theme. I call my current list a 102 list due to the material not being very introspective for the reader but also not being beginners material.
Thanks and Blessed Be,Autumn Wolfe

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